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Since 1945

Enhance your Presence with Lalchnd Jewellery

Where Style Meets Substance to Define Elegance

Timeless Timepieces

LCJ showrooms house a rare and exclusive collection of international brand watches, both for men and women of all age groups. There are designer watches available to cater for a wide range of tastes – from classic to contemporary to futuristic.

Exceeding Expectations

Lalchnd Jewellery is not just about ornaments. It’s about making a statement.

Unmatched Excellence



Stone & Settings



Infinity Bridal Options

For your big day and the delightful occasions around it, never compromise. Adorn yourself with the absolute best in the world of jewellery – only from Lalchnd.
Why Choose Us

Bespoke Brilliance

Add a touch of rare class to your appearance with customised hand-made jewellery from Lalchnd.
24/7 Support

Giving customers a memorable experience is an art that LCJ always strives to perfect.


What They Say

Just love this place 🥰 And yes this is only one place from where I buy all my jewelry 😻 Not only mine my whole family buy from here and we trust them ❤

Basundhara Mohanty Housewife

The only shop i love visiting and buying silver whenever i go BBSR. They always have something antique and unique which is eye catching . This time these 2 caught my attention and i bought them immediately.

Ammrita Mohanty Service Engineer

Its my constant favorite while buying jewelries. The behavior of the staffs is very professional and humble. Proper pandemic safety protocol is followed at every place in the building. Every department is properly organised and they provide a wide range of beautiful designs to choose from.

Basundhara Mohanty Housewife

Points of Pure Perfection

Three of the largest jewellery showrooms in Eastern India, right here in Odisha,
where top-notch product quality is well matched by world-class customer service.

Lalchnd Jewellers
Lalchnd Jewellers
Lalchnd Jewellers
Lalchnd Jewellers
New Delhi
Lalchnd Jewellers
Pure Quality. Perfect Craftsmanship. Pleased Customers.

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